Welcome to roguerabbit.co.

I’m Sarah, the Rogue Rabbit.

I’m just a lady making stuff of all sorts.

I’m always working on something. As much as I like all things crafty, I also spend entirely too much time researching natural health and remedies. I’m always willing to try new things and I’ll share some of those things here as well.

The RogueRabbit features the trials and tribulations of attempting to navigate good health. This includes dietary changes, various types of alternative treatments and (as my husband calls them) my witcheries (herbal remedies and essential oil products).

The heART of the Rogue Rabbit is where I feature my artwork, projects and observations. I’m into 3d printing, lasers (lasercutting), papercraft and fine art. I help make things happen at our 3D printing company, Proto House, and just finished up my BFA in Art Education at San Francisco State Univeristy. I also run an Esty store, Rumple.Co and make a variety of 3D printed products.