Adventures in Allergy Treatments – 10

Okay, it’s been 10 days.  10 glorious days of breathing. Through my nose. Unlike creepy mouth breathers.

I can say with certainty the headache yesterday was work related.  I couldn’t pinpoint a smell yesterday because it was faint but it was enough to get to me. I was able to identify it today (someone’s lotion). That coupled with a lack of adequate water equaled a killer headache for the last two days in the afternoon.

I stopped by the store and picked up a couple of gallons of water to last the next few days until we get water delivered at the office on Monday.  (The only sinks are in the bathrooms or in the print shop – the print shop water smells like sewage)

Proper hydration definitely makes a difference. I made sure to take potassium at lunch and between that and the water, the smell didn’t get to me QUITE as much.  I still don’t know how to broach the subject of overwhelming fragrances in the office, especially in the basement without a lot of ventilation.

I still had a bit of congestion when I woke up this morning, but it resolves itself within minutes instead of one or more hours.  A few nose blows, and I’m good to go these days.  If I sneeze, it’s 3 sneezes and I’m done. Usually I will sneeze uncontrollably.

I still haven’t used a neti pot, taken any benedryl or used any sort of sinus/nasal remedy in 10 days.

I still think that the air feels rather “cold” coming through my nose.  I love not being a mouth breather any more though!

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