Adventures In Allergy Treatments – Day 8

I think adventures in allergy treatments sounds a little better than “Endonasal Balloon Therapy” (really, I just got tired of typing it).  It at least sounds a bit more fun.

I woke up this morning slightly congested on the right side from sleeping on my side.  While it was more congestion than I have had for the last week, it was still less than my best day previously.  I sat up and things got moving.

I felt a bit foggy today, but I think that was more desiring to be outside since I got moved to the basement and there are NO WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!  Well, there is one in a conference room, but I don’t think I want to go in there.  There is a sign on the window warning people to be careful of the snake when opening and closing the window.

I had a few sneezes here and there throughout the day.  The thing that sucks is the first week I was in a different office building all together, so now I’m not sure if any mid day sneezing is related to overall allergy symptoms or if it is related to the new building’s air. They told us they had the HVAC system cleaned and evaluated before moving people in, but you never know how well anything gets cleaned.

It’s really hard to do a “controlled” study to see what works and what doesn’t. BUT, I have made it through an entire week with no benedryl, no allergy medications of any sort, minimal nose blowing and no neti pot.  For me, that is a pretty big deal.

I’m trying to convince my mom, who can’t go a day without a Zyrtec D (can’t even get out of bed in the morning without it) to try it.

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