Endonasal Balloon Therapy – Day 7

Okay, it’s been a full week since starting the nasal adjustments.  Today was the second treatment, which went much faster and more smoothly than last week.  My chiro was happy to hear that I am documenting the results I’m having, both good and bad.

I did find out that while some call it Endonasal Balloon Therapy, it is also called the Nasal Specific Technique (my chiro’s preferred reference).

I will say that the jaunt through Bloomingdales messed me up seriously.  I was sneezing and nose running pretty much all day from it.  I woke up mostly able to breathe through my nose (it was slightly more congested and I feel it was related to the reaction to the cosmetics/fragrances).

I got a call from my chiro’s office just before lunch, asking if I could come in at lunch or if I could leave work early to come in.  I ran down at lunch (we moved to the new office today, so I’m really close to the chiro’s office).

I had her do the nasal adjustment before my normal adjustment, and it was super fast this time!  She’s also getting the feel of using the nitrile (which is less stretchy than latex), so she was able to feel when she hit the right level of inflation.

This time there was FAR less nasal discharge from the actual adjustment and I even teared up less.  I was back to my office in 1/2 an hour including drive time.

I had a bit of a headache this afternoon, but I think that was partly due to the fact I didn’t get any potassium at lunch (I thought I needed CVT glasses because I was getting a wicked headache every afternoon. I also was seriously craving salt in the afternoons as well. Turns out eating a banana or taking a potassium supplement has helped immensely).  My desk wasn’t fully unpacked and once I got it unpacked, I didn’t really think about the potassium.

Overall, I still maintain that letting someone stick “balloons” up my nose is worth it.  I am only blowing my nose a few times a day, only sneezing a few times a day and fewer headaches.

I know I try weird for weird’s sake most of the time. I’ve tried anything and everything for my allergies (which I never had until AFTER moving back to Northern CA after living in San Diego): bee pollen, local honey, SinuOrega spray, various herbs, Elemental Silver spray, coconut oil up my nose, all with zero to minimal results.  It has been a week and I have greatly reduced symptoms.

Life is so much more pleasant when you can breathe.  Exercise is almost enjoyable again now that I can breathe through my nose.  I didn’t realize how limited my breathing was until after the first adjustment.


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