Endonasal Balloon Therapy – Days 4-6

I missed a few days of posting, heading down to SF for the A’s v. Giants game, seeing Brave and seeing my love.

Day 4 – I had a bit more sneezing and nose blowing, but definitely NOT where I was even Monday before the treatment.  No sinus headache, no sinus pressure, just a bit of sneezing (a handful of times).  No massive feelings of pressure change on the way down to SF.  Still able to lay on my side without completely having my nasal passages blocked off within minutes.

Day 5 – Woke up after sleeping on my side, still no morning congestion.  Had to blow my nose a few times, but definitely not as much as normal.  For the most part, my allergy symptoms were pretty minimal, at least until passing a group of smokers on the way in to the ballpark.  I did have some sneezing and nose running after passing the smell of cigarettes, but still not the way I have in the past.

Day 6 – Definitely found a trigger of allergy symptoms today!  It wasn’t too bad this morning, woke up with a clear nose, had to blow my nose a few times but nothing serious.  UNTIL…………..  We walked through Bloomingdale’s to get into the mall and go to the movies.  Within minutes, my nose was running and I was sneezing, which I really expected considering I always have that reaction going through cosmetics/fragrance areas of any stores.  It’s been almost 8 hours and I am just now getting over the sneezing and nose blowing.

Tomorrow is treatment #2. Overall, I can say that the response I’ve had so far is worth the slight discomfort experience during the treatment.


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