Adventures in Allergy Treatments – Days 13 – 21

I am pretty sure people were getting a little bored with all of my snot talk, so I gave it a rest for a bit. 🙂

Well, today was treatment 4 (and day 21) of the sinus adjustments.  I will say the adjustment itself has become so much easier.  We were done in about 15 minutes today and it would have been even faster if it weren’t for me having to sit up and blow my nose.

The adjustment only took a couple of pumps per sinus cavity (it seemed about 3 pumps per cavity, but really it is hard to count while you’ve got something expanding in your sinuses).  It is far less painful than it was the first time.

I still have some sneezing and runny nose issues (mostly at work – mostly), BUT I can say it is amazing NOT going through a box of tissues or more in a week. I’m not alone with the sneezing and runny nose in the office though. Almost everyone has had some sort of allergy issues and/or headaches since moving into the office.

I have not had a single sinus headache in 21 days.  21 days!  I had experienced some degree of sinus pressure and pain almost daily for quite some time.  No sinus pain in 21 days!

I have also only had 1 migraine in the last 21 days.  While I’ve been able to reduce the amount of migraines I have had tremendously through diet, I would still have them from time to time. Fat, magnesium and potassium have made a world of difference in my life.

I can’t say the same things work for the everyone, but the sinus adjustments seem to be working wonders for me.

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