No! Not the cheese!

I know it’s been a LONG while since I’ve updated the blog…

In the 2 months since I last posted, I moved, started a new job and started attending school full time.

Well, considering I’ve moved to an area with entirely different allergens than I had been living in (plus some nice sea air as well) I’d like to be able to say my allergies are better times 1,000.  I can’t.  At all.

I already suspected my allergies were not entirely environmental (still can’t deal with fragrances) after a trip to North Carolina in 2011 and I’ve been back and forth between the Sierra Foothills and the Bay Area for about 5 years all with similar allergy symptoms.

I had gone about a month here in the Bay without getting my sinuses adjusted (can’t really find a chiro here that 1. does the adjustment and 2. would be willing to work with my latex allergy) and I was MISERABLE (I’m pretty sure poor Justin was just as miserable if not more so considering I was waking up through the night sneezing and blowing my nose).

I’ve started making the trip back home every other week or so to go to Gold Country Chiropractic for sinus adjustments and while it’s sort of a hassle with school and all (I’ve not taken a full time class load in forever and AAU’s full time class load is intense) it is totally worth it.  But even with the sinus adjustments, I still am having allergy issues.

Then I got the brilliant idea to do the GAPS diet.  The GAPS diet is a super restrictive elimination diet that people usually use to heal the gut, but there are a lot of resources out there for it, so it seemed like a logical starting point for my elimination diet.

Well, I got lazy.  And overwhelmed.  I share a kitchen with 4 other people, so the amount of prep that would make this diet easiest wasn’t really going to happen without a lot of freezer space and fridge space.  And the food seemed pretty boring (I really like food, especially good food).

I decided “hey, maybe it would be easier to just eliminate one type of food” instead of eliminating everything except boiled meats, bone broth and winter veggies (also boiled).

I decided upon dairy as my first food group to eliminate.

That doesn’t sound like much until you realize how much I love cheese.  Especially since giving up gluten.  Cheese has always been a go to snack for me.  I’ll grab a couple of slices of cheese, a handful of nuts and an apple and I’m good to go.  The fruit and cheese plate at Starbucks is my go to snack when I am out and about because the crackers are packaged separately and aren’t touching the other foods.  There is nothing more wonderful than a delicious cup of Gold Coast Coffee Company coffee with heavy cream.  I will eat whipped cream by itself.  You get the picture, I LOVE dairy.

I’d gone about 2 weeks of no dairy (no yogurt, no cheese, no cream) and Justin and I went to dinner the other night at Triptych, where they have one of the few gluten free deserts I would call DELICIOUS (White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake).  So I ordered it without even thinking about the dairy.  While it was super tasty and I savored every bite of it, I was a little apprehensive about what the next morning would be like.

Well, it sucked.  A lot.  I woke up sneezing, nose running and so congested I was back to mouth breathing.  I wanted to cry.  The only thing I had done differently was that damn piece of cheesecake.

It got me thinking though, is it all dairy?  Is it just pasteurized dairy?  Perhaps I can handle raw dairy?  Fingers currently crossed that it’s just pasteurized dairy.


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