The Pictures of our Big Day!

Our wedding photos finally have come to us! 

Which got me totally distracted and I did not do any art tonight. 
I posted wedding photos on Facebook. 
and did some yoga. Did I mention how much I like yogaglo?!  You can search by body part! They have a bunch of practices for psoas and IT work. Which I need. Immensely. A lot of people need to release their psoas and IT band and don’t even realize it. A lot of times it manifests as low back or knee pain. 
I did a moon cycle practice and open shoulders. And during my yoga, I noticed the Ratinator did work. It’s been a while since we had seen any evidence of mice or caught one. So obviously they are not totally gone. 
I think of all of the wedding pictures, this may be my favorite. Jesse isn’t there in the physical sense, but it’s like he’s there. 

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