3D Sculpting Software – Curvy 3D – Day 2

I’m still playing around with Curvy3D. I am going to work with Justin to try to come up with good evaluation tools from his standpoint (i.e., how the models will work for printing, etc.) to try to evaluate if the program works for our overarching needs, not just my desire to make organic shapes (really, what good is the model going to be if it doesn’t print?!).

The other project I was working on was the Rufio costume for a friend. A friend approached me yesterday afternoon with the need for a Rufio costume for a party that started at 4 pm today! 
Not sure who Rufio is? A character from 1991’s Hook. A bit random, right? Especially for a Christmas party. 
Here’s the result:

I altered the jacket and made the necklace, including the beads. 
Not bad for such a quick turnaround. 
So with that taking up a bit of time (but amazingly not as much as I expected), I played around with Curvy3D. 
Keep in mind, my area of design is 2D. I’m great with Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. I have the hang of TinkerCAD as far as 3D goes, but I am, by no means experienced in 3D modeling. I have played a bit with Inventor (Autodesk) and AutoCAD (Autodesk). 
I really want a program that I can pick up my stylus and “draw”. I played a bit with Sculptris but didn’t really “get it” super quick (I will return to it after playing with Curvy3D). 
Here’s my first attempt at really playing around with it doing more than just “what does this icon do?”
As you can see, I watch a lot of Ancient Aliens
Is this what our alien overlords will look like?

So this was created using some basic tools including “Create Cylinder”, “Pull Tubes”, “Add”, “Sub” and “Smooth”. 
I didn’t really have a plan and wasn’t entirely certain what I was doing, I sort of started “pushing” and “pulling” the clay and playing around with it. 
I’ve exported it as an .obj file so Justin can evaluate it’s usefulness in 3D printing. He’s currently working on a 3D printed trailer for a trailer park (the things people want), so I’ll probably have a better idea as to the immediate usability of the model tomorrow. 
On an aside, I’m not exactly sure when my entire Pinterest feed began getting flooded with fashion and mens grooming products (pretty sure the grooming products being as hipstery as they are are courtesy of Shoppe Mob). I’ve got to start following some better boards. 
Any suggestions?

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