So much to do!

And so little time!

We went to check out the new facility in San Leandro today, which is BEYOND exciting!

I’m trying to figure out school for next semester, which is sort of frustrating. SFSU still hasn’t requested transcripts, so I’m not entirely certain what is transferrable from AAU. I know what transferred from Los Rios Community College, so that helps a bit, but some of the core classes I have no idea if I actually need to take them or not. 

I’m going to go down to campus tomorrow to pay tuition and see if I can get together with an adviser or at least someone in admissions/records to help me out. I have a rough plan, but I’d rather have it taken care of so it’s one less thing to worry about.

With checking out our new space today, it’s really coming at us fast. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

I have orientation for school on Saturday, but I would like to have an idea of what my schedule will be like so I can figure out where/when I can be of use when we start kicking into gear. I’m a planner a lot of the time. I like to have an idea what is going on.

I usually have classes registered for the second they are available, but my lack of readily available immunization records prevented that. I’m 34. It’s not easy finding records from shots I got when I was like 7. My pediatrician went out of business ages ago.

Instead, I had to pay $100 to have a blood test performed to prove I had my MMR vaccine like 27 years ago. That meant I risked having the results come back showing that I have no immunity. Which would have meant get the immunization (again, pricey on top of the test I just paid for) or find a doctor that would write me an exemption.

Thank Jeebus it came back that I have immunity. One less worry (I was concerned about finding a doc that would give me an exemption!). I have the Hep series from when I was a firefighter and I did get a TDAP in 2009.

I’m still working on the 3d modeling software trials.

It’s FRUSTRATING! Good god, I don’t know how Justin made into 3d modeling! All I can think of every time I start up the program is “holy crap, I could grab a block of clay and have this done in 10 minutes and then scan it!”

That was what I did for the Rufio costume and it worked out well. But I’m super determined to learn how to model. Especially when I see the possibilities for what I want to do design-wise.

I’ve got finals tomorrow and Tuesday. I’ve got Orientation on Saturday. Le Midge’s birthday is next Tuesday. Christmas is next Wednesday.

We’ve got people asking about our New Years plans. We have barely even thought about Christmas, aside from sweet, delicious tri tip at my mom’s.

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