The Gnomery (Gnome Sweet Gnome)

I haven’t forgotten about my reviews of 3D modeling software. I really haven’t.

But it’s been quite exciting around here nonetheless.

The Gnomery is moving. We picked up keys and started moving furniture in today!

I spent much of yesterday working with ComposiMold, which I had come across at MakerFaire earlier this year. It’s a reusable molding compound for making a variety of molds (including 2 part, push molds and more). It comes in a variety of formulations, including FC, or food contact.

I ordered my ComposiMold through Amazon and it arrived in 2 days as Prime Shipping usually does (I say usually because I had one item show up like 5 months later after a replacement had already been sent out).

Unfortunately, the top of the container was contaminated with mold!

I was totally bummed and reached out to ComposiMold on Facebook. Granted it was like midnight when I posted the pictures, I didn’t really expect anything to happen right away.

Well, when I got up the next morning, I had two responses to my post and a separate email from ComposiMold. They apologized profusely and have issued a replacement AND refunding my original purchase price in order to make things right.

Later in the day, I even received a voicemail from Sean at ComposiMold apologizing for the situation.

Even though my initial experience was less than stellar, they have worked really hard to make it right. It is really rare to find good customer service (let alone any customer service) these days, it was awesome to have a company be so responsive to a problem.

I can’t post any pictures of the project since it’s Christmas and all (don’t want to give away the goods!). I’ll post pictures once I’ve given the gifts.

We picked up some furniture from Moving Sale (our local second hand shop), including a super sweet whiteboard set up! Unfortunately, it was about 5 pm when Rod got into town with the kiln hoods so traffic was horrendous getting out of the city. I think it took more than an hour to get there (The ride home took less than 20 minutes without traffic).

Justin opening the door with our key for the first time!
Our spot. The room is about 8k sqft and we have an area about 18′ x 34′ with room for expansion.

I can’t tell you how exciting this is. A year ago, we were getting our 3D printer. We had a dream to put it to work for us. We didn’t know how we were going to do it, but that was the plan. We’ve had our ups and downs with the printer itself. In fact, take a look at my first post, Type A Machines Series 1, it was quite the learning experience.

A photo from my first blog post about 3D printing. Our failed print graveyard. It got larger, much larger over the last year. 

Today we are setting up our future. We had an idea and we’ve stuck it out. We have gone from the above results to print on demand fulfillment, including 3D scanning and metal casting. Some didn’t have faith in our dream but we did and now it is paying off. My husband’s perseverance through this project has been nothing short of amaze (and yes, I meant to type amaze).

Sometimes it has been nerve wracking. My poor husband stays up all night working. I have felt tremendous guilt for being busy with an outside job and school, but we’ve pressed on. Big things are happening and I’m filled with gratitude to be a part of it.

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