The Studious Stag

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit.

I have been working diligently on projects, especially now that I have a lot more time on my hands. I haven’t really settled into a routine since losing my job. I really think that will help. We’re going crabbing tomorrow (hopefully a crabfest will be had tomorrow night!) but I would really like to get a good routine down.

In fact, I just finished this piece today:

It’s available in our Etsy store and it’s a part of a series of 5 pieces I’m working on.

In all honesty, the general crappiness of the eCraft has been the hold up on this and several other projects.

Contacting Craftwell has been of little help other than “you’re doing it wrong”. I finally found a blogger at Purple Paper Paradise who apparently knows how to use the machine and is WAY more help than Craftwell’s customer service.

I was able to get a few usable cuts following her tips, whereas I was still just throwing paper away trying to “do it right” according to Craftwell Customer Service.

Perhaps they need to sit down and watch PurplePaperParadise’s videos in order to work in CS? I don’t like to be mean to CS people, they’re usually doing the best they can with the limited resources and training that they get. I’m more frustrated with companies that offer products with little to no support documentation and you just sort of have to figure out, especially when they purport their product to be easy to use out of the box.

I’ve got some additional projects on my list, including Christmas cards. I know it’s a bit late (a lot of people do their Christmas cards Thanksgiving weekend), but I seriously didn’t even think about them until I asked my husband yesterday if he wanted to send any out and if we were going to make them or do a lame photo card.

I hope to have cards ready by the weekend. You can always leave a comment here if you have suggestions. I’m really interested to hear if there are letter press plates that people really want to see made for units like the Fiskar’s Fuse or the like. I’ve got the capacity to help make that a reality and have had it on my radar for a while now. I’ve asked friends and family if there were any sort of crafting themes they would like to see but none of them want to craft (everyone is into Instagram to apply filters to their photos but no one actually does anything with said photos).

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