Research Assignment – Write Up & Links

Okay, I have to say I wasn’t overly impressed with many of the artists listed on the research page. Also a lot of the links that were still live, were pretty dated. I struck out to find a few that were of interest and may be of interest to you as well.

The first  I came across was 8 Bits, 3 Dimensions. Adam Lister and Isaac Budmen work together to create 8 bit (remember the super early days of gaming?!?!) images of pop culture (Star Trek, Superman, etc.). A really interesting fact about their collaboration is that they had not met in person or even had phone contact through the entire process. Adam Lister creates 8 bit style images and Isaac Budmen creates 3 dimensional sandstone replications of the images using 3D printing (Though Budmen doesn’t actually do the printing himself – with a note about production from their “manufacturer” they are likely using Shapeways to produce the pieces for them).

Original Painting by Adam Lister
3D Print by Isaac Budmen (likely printed by Shapeways)

One of the links on the research page that I love and visit frequently is Make. It has been the source of my procrastination (and I think helped me develop project ADD with so many great ideas). Make Magazine was influential in which 3D printer was going to be our first (and only – we work exclusively with Type A Machines Series 1). The current issue is drone building focused but there are projects from all walks of life including AI, woodworking, hand crafts and more.

Last link is for HoloDecks, who used 3d printing to create an augmented visual representation of sound (be it a fairly small representation due to the size limitations of the print bed of the MakerBot). This is a combination of 3D printing, and light and sound programming. It’s pretty cool.

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