Culture Jammig Part 2 – Mission Accomplished

Sticker placed on an “all natural” meal that included “beef and starch strips” in the ingredients

Placed on conventionally raised strawberries
Conventionally grown cabbage
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41% Glyphosate – Yes let’s poison everything, including our ground water
The one display in the entire store that has natural products.
neonicotinoid pesticide’s?  The bees don’t stand a chance when pesticides are bred into the plants

It was bit harder being stealthy in the Dollar Store, where I found the “all natural beef and starch strips” than it was in Home Depot.  I was going to hit WalMart as well, but ran out of stickers after two stores!

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  1. Sarah

    I went back to the Home Depot today and most of the stickers were still there. The one on the strawberries appears to have been removed but the rest appear to be intact.

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