In the year……..


Yikes. I’ll be 95.

It’s weird to think that far in the future. It’s also SO hard to imagine. When I think of how much things have change since I was little in the 80’s, I don’t know if I would have thought this was where we would be.

Though, if you really think about it, according to Back to the Future and The Jetsons (and many more) we should even beyond where we are. We should have flying cars. (I’m really glad we don’t when I think about how bad people are at driving on the ground).

I really shutter to think about where we will be in 2074 in all honesty. As much as I like technology and appreciate the advances and comfort they bring us, I sort of fear a Matrix style world. I may still be around (my grandpa is 91 and he has siblings that are in their mid to late 90’s) but I’m not sure I want to see how technology is going to overtake us.

My first prediction is sort of based on a childhood fear. When I was a kid, I was terrified that I was going to have someone hear my thoughts. I was so afraid someone could read my mind, so I tried never to think mean thoughts. We currently have text messaging, IM, and more to communicate. But 60 years from now, what if we are able to selectively “send” our thoughts to intended recipients? (my husband and I already sort of use “thought pushing” to communicate – thought not very accurately at times). Imagine being able to select a “friend” from your “contacts” and just think what you want to tell them. They are able to hear your thought instantaneously and in your voice. It’s not perfect. Are they doing to develop “thought waiting”? Do you have a “thought bank” that logs your incoming thoughts like a text message? I kind of like that idea.

The second prediction is based on two things that are really important to me. 3D printing and food. Obviously our food system is broken. I believe in sustainable food. I am paleo. I believe people should have connection to their food. There are a lot of people who do not necessarily feel that way. Including the douche who created Soylent. Many people have no kitchen skillls. Many people feel that food is a “hassle”. My vision of future food (even though I don’t want any part of it) is that we will basically have printers that print “food” from a variety of pastes that may or may not actually be food. Likely they will be created in a lab. Keep the people sick and keep them in control. What better way to do that than to outlaw activities that keep people connected to their food and organics and then convince people that eating is something you can replace with items from a lab. Not an ideal future, but it sort of feels as though we are headed that way now.

The last idea was inspired by Google Glass (I work around a lot of nerds. I live in an area that tech geeks converge upon for conventions. I see a lot of google glass). Instead of a wearable “glass” it will be directly augmented by rewiring electrical synapses and micro controllers. Your field of view will basically have a “heads up” display built in. Again, not sure how I feel about the idea but it sort of seems like the next step based upon the direction we have been going.

I have a real love/hate relationship with technology. I appreciate what it adds to our lives, but I also can see the damage it may cause to individuals and society if not utilized carefully and kept out of the wrong hands.

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