Indeterminacy Part 1 revised

I revised my original instructions for my indeterminacy assignment. I decided to add a component.

Instead of using the instructions to create a single artwork, we will use the formula to create 10 separate images and layer them in Photoshop reducing the opacity with each additional layer.

Final Compilation
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Change the Max number on the Random Number Generator to 10. The numbers generated will determine the number of each shape you will add to your canvas.
Step 3: Open Adobe Illustrator. Set your new document to 12” x 12”.
Step 4: Generate a number of shapes that you will add to your canvas for the following shapes:
1.       Circle (Ellipse tool – make sure to hold the shift key down to create a symmetrical circle)
2.       Rectangle
3.       Line
4.       Triangle (Star tool – click once after selecting the tool and change # of points to 3 to create a triangle)
The shapes do not have to be of equal size or placed in any predetermined pattern. Just follow the number of shapes generated by the Random Number Generator.
Step 5: Change the Max number on the Random Shape Generator to 4.
Step 6: The number generated by the Random Number Generator will correspond to the number listed next to the shape above. You will apply colors to the shapes/lines in the following order:
·         Red
·         Blue
·         Green
·         Black
Example: The first color is red. The Random Number Generator generates the number 4. All Triangles would be changed to Red. The second color is blue. The Random Number Generator generates the number 2. All Rectangles would be changed to blue. Continue this operation 4 times. If the same # is generated multiple times, you will change that item multiple times (in my example, I got # 3 two times. First I changed the lines to green, then they were changed back to black).
Step 7: Repeat process 10 times for 10 separate canvases. Export each iteration as a .jpg
Step 8: Open Photoshop.
Step 9: Open your first .jpg, this will be your base layer. Leave at 100% opacity. Adjust canvas size if it did not save as 12”x12”.
Step 10: “Place” each additional randomly created jpg as a layer in this document. Reduce the opacity of each layer by 10%. You will start at 100% with the base layer and the 10th layer set at 10%.
Step 11: Flatten image and save as jpg.

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