Join a Cult….. Please

I am writing this because this is the only way I know how to deal with my family’s ordeal with drugs and alcohol. I write. I used to journal. I know my family is not the only family going through this, but some times it feels very lonely. It’s isolating.

My dad is an addict. My dad’s dad was an addict. My brother is an addict. Many of my friends were addicts (I say were more because they were my friends and either died or I cut them out of my life for self preservation – not because they got clean).

I’ve decided to call it Join a Cult….. Please because it honestly feels like short of death, the only way out of this.

I normally wouldn’t advocate that people join cults, but there comes a point of desperation where you hope that anything, even a cult, will help make the lives of those around you better.

I find myself thinking “just join a cult…. please” pretty much every day. When faced with the choice of having a loved one join a cult or be a drug addict, a cult member seems like the easier way.

Hell, there are even days I find myself thinking “why can’t you be a heroin addict?” Downers are so much less stressful than meth. Though none of it is easy.

Meth compounded with mental illness is even worse than meth. It’s not just a problem for the person doing it, it becomes the problem of everyone around them. Your loved ones. Your neighbors. Everyone. Then there’s the vicious cycle of psychosis caused by meth. After a while, it doesn’t go away even if you get clean. And again, everyone around you is left picking up the pieces.

When you have a family member that has nothing to do, no structure other than thinking about drugs, you want them to find something that will give them structure and exert control over them. A cult is one way of doing that. I’m not an advocate of brainwashing, but if a cult can brainwash away the meth, I’m all for it.

Perhaps rehab would be more effective if brainwashing was a common technique At this point, I feel that rehab is a scam (I still don’t know of anyone who actually stayed clean after attending rehab).

Sure you will probably lose contact with your loved one, but at least there is some illusion of their safety if they aren’t out using. I say illusion because we know how the Branch Dividian’s ended. Ultimately, you lose contact with them anyway, unless they are trying to manipulate money out of you. With a cult, that’s typically not the case.

I know that a cult isn’t really a viable option, but there are days it feels like it is the only way.

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