The Meth Monster

You worry so much that how you live your life will alienate people. The things that you worry about people judging you for are the least of your worries.

The thing that will push people away from you are the drugs. It will always be the drugs.

People don’t care about your mental illness. That’s no big deal. You dealing with whatever going on in your head with drugs is the big deal.

Constant manipulation of people so you can get drugs, that will push people away.

Basically, all of the behaviors that are the result of your drug use are the reasons people keep their distance.

You worry so much about disappointing people, but the real disappointment is when you start using again. We all love you very much but the person you become when you are on meth is unbearable. There is no way for any of us to support and love you when the meth monster takes over.

And that’s exactly who you become. The Meth Monster.

It’s hard to reconcile memories of you being a sweet and caring little kid and the raging lunatic you become when you use. The Meth Monster takes over.

Gone is the funny friend. The Meth Monster takes over.

Gone is the guy who I could talk wildcrafting with. The Meth Monster takes over.

Gone are the ideas you used to have. The Meth Monster takes over.

The Meth Monster is killing you. Literally and figuratively. The longer The Meth Monster takes over, the less of “you” seems to come back.

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