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The Studious Stag

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit.

I have been working diligently on projects, especially now that I have a lot more time on my hands. I haven’t really settled into a routine since losing my job. I really think that will help. We’re going crabbing tomorrow (hopefully a crabfest will be had tomorrow night!) but I would really like to get a good routine down.

In fact, I just finished this piece today:

It’s available in our Etsy store and it’s a part of a series of 5 pieces I’m working on.

In all honesty, the general crappiness of the eCraft has been the hold up on this and several other projects.

Contacting Craftwell has been of little help other than “you’re doing it wrong”. I finally found a blogger at Purple Paper Paradise who apparently knows how to use the machine and is WAY more help than Craftwell’s customer service.

I was able to get a few usable cuts following her tips, whereas I was still just throwing paper away trying to “do it right” according to Craftwell Customer Service.

Perhaps they need to sit down and watch PurplePaperParadise’s videos in order to work in CS? I don’t like to be mean to CS people, they’re usually doing the best they can with the limited resources and training that they get. I’m more frustrated with companies that offer products with little to no support documentation and you just sort of have to figure out, especially when they purport their product to be easy to use out of the box.

I’ve got some additional projects on my list, including Christmas cards. I know it’s a bit late (a lot of people do their Christmas cards Thanksgiving weekend), but I seriously didn’t even think about them until I asked my husband yesterday if he wanted to send any out and if we were going to make them or do a lame photo card.

I hope to have cards ready by the weekend. You can always leave a comment here if you have suggestions. I’m really interested to hear if there are letter press plates that people really want to see made for units like the Fiskar’s Fuse or the like. I’ve got the capacity to help make that a reality and have had it on my radar for a while now. I’ve asked friends and family if there were any sort of crafting themes they would like to see but none of them want to craft (everyone is into Instagram to apply filters to their photos but no one actually does anything with said photos).


You may remember Gnorman from earlier this year.

This was my free sculpture for my figure modeling class during the Spring 2013 semester at AAU.

This may be the piece of work that I am the most proud of ever. EVER. (and I’ve made a lot of art in the last 30 years). Needless to say I was most saddened when I was too busy to properly finish Gnorman and have him fired (I went straight from work/school to wedding prep/work and he dried out!).

I had been crossing my fingers that we could get him scanned before he was a total loss since June/July. Our method of scanning wasn’t the easiest but Justin and I worked through a variety of methods using Kinect cameras for another project and I figured that we would, at some point, rig that set up again.

Well, we didn’t have to.

The Gnomes (thanks to the Elder Gnome) have acquired the Sense 3D Scanner.

A few minutes time and we had a model to print. I was so excited I could barely contain myself last night! The original Gnorman is 8″ W x 13″ D x 24″ H. New Gnorman is about 1″ W x 1.5″ D x 4″ H!

So exciting!  
And it was just in time. Gnorman’s ear fell off after we finished scan!

So Many Ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a bit of time to do them.

I started working on my to do list for projects tonight when I got home. It’s long. But I’m totally stoked.

I took a drive to the coast today while Justin was working. Pi and I drove through Sebastapol. I had hoped to get apples so I could test my pie crust as an apple pie. While they grow apples in Sebastapol, it’s not quite Apple Hill. There aren’t a ton of farm stands. There isn’t a lot of variety. I stopped at one place and they only had one variety of apples. ONE!

We continued on and went to Duncan Mills to get coffee and over to Blind Beach. I was happy to see that the “pews” from our wedding were still sort of there!

The last row of our “pews” was still in place. One “pew” has been partially buried. 

I wasn’t going to to today, but Justin really encouraged me to do it. And it was awesome. The weather was great. Pi and I walked on the beach and just sat for a while. It gave me some time to disconnect (no phones/internet/etc) out there and to actually talk with people as Pi played with their dogs.

I have a billiondy ideas going through my head right now and started a new to do list. (each component of my to do list has to do lists, but hey, I don’t want to lose the good ideas!)
I’m pretty stoked about Thanksgiving. We’re getting together with Justin’s family the weekend before and my family on thanksgiving. I’m in charge of pie and biscuits. I’m making my super delicious pumpkin pie and sweet potato biscuits. It’s kind of cool that my family is trying new things for Thanksgiving this year (it’s a gluten free Thanksgiving for the most part). 
One thing I’m going to test this week for sure is trying a real food version of my mom’s cranberry salad. The version we’ve been making forever uses Jell-O but in an attempt to ditch the artificial colors and flavors, I’m going to rework it with raspberry juice and gelatin. I’m really excited because it is one of the best parts of the holidays that we started making the year we had an “Amish” Thanksgiving with the Gauthier family when I was a kid. 

The Pictures of our Big Day!

Our wedding photos finally have come to us! 

Which got me totally distracted and I did not do any art tonight. 
I posted wedding photos on Facebook. 
and did some yoga. Did I mention how much I like yogaglo?!  You can search by body part! They have a bunch of practices for psoas and IT work. Which I need. Immensely. A lot of people need to release their psoas and IT band and don’t even realize it. A lot of times it manifests as low back or knee pain. 
I did a moon cycle practice and open shoulders. And during my yoga, I noticed the Ratinator did work. It’s been a while since we had seen any evidence of mice or caught one. So obviously they are not totally gone. 
I think of all of the wedding pictures, this may be my favorite. Jesse isn’t there in the physical sense, but it’s like he’s there. 

Yoga Butt

Tonight felt like a bit more of a thinking kind of night.

I did some yoga (breath work only – though I may have gotten a bit too relaxed. I think I fell asleep at the end). I’m checking out right now. I like the organization of their classes better than (you can browse by teacher, duration, style, and level and they also have some lectures as well). It even allows you to set goals to meet (# of classes or # of hours per week) and tracks them. You can even create a queue and schedule what day you want to take a class.

In addition to what I’ve already listed, they even have classes modified to accommodate your cycle (you are never supposed to do inversions during your period). I don’t know if most ladies take that into consideration or if they are just trying to get yoga butt.

Speaking of yoga butt, I didn’t even know that was a thing when I started doing yoga. My yoga experience has always involved old hippies. There were never super skinny Lululemon clad ladies practicing yoga, but here in SF they appear to be the only people who practice yoga.

Justin and I discussed the possibility of me taking antihistamines in addition to strict diet to get things under control (and allow me to eat MOAR DIFFERENT foods).  This conversation was held over a bowl of Pho. I had asked for no jalapenos but alas there were jalapenos in it. So far, so good. No reaction to the Pho or jalapenos. This could be huge because I could totally start eating fermented hot sauce again. It’s delicious and I have missed it terribly!

Obviously I don’t want to take benedryl every day again (I did that for years and still was a mess), so I started looking into natural antihistamines. I stumbled across the blend of Lavendar, Lemon and Peppermint, which is supposed to be a natural antihistamine/anti-inflammatory blend.

Well, I don’t have any gel caps currently, so I whipped up the LLP blend in a base of coconut oil. Topically, it is applied to the soles of the feet 2x a day. Even if this does nothing for my allergies, I will have soft, nice smelling feet!

I may try doing the the LLP blend internally using the gelatin capsules, but for now I am going to do the topical application.

I also started doing some rough sketches for another idea I have to add to my skull series.

try to do it silently and sans heels

I’ve still got some tweaking to do but this is promising 🙂

Instead of a tangle or working with M0rt, I decided to do some organizing. I went through stacks of paper and have organized them by color and print. Previously, I’d peruse a stack and have to pull pages out to see how I was going to combine them. Well, not any more (well, not entirely. There are still a few more that need to be organized but my wrist was starting to hurt).

Speaking of, I had a wicked case of the dropsies today and it freaked me out somewhat. Hopefully it’s just a one off kind of day.

I finally remembered what I wanted to talk about yesterday:Shoes. And screaming. We watched Olympus Has Fallen (which was really not as bad as I had expected) and there were so many ladies screaming. And having to run barefoot through shards of glass and smoldering debris because they had to ditch their high heels because they couldn’t run/escape in them.

My first thought was (not that I can say how I would act in some sort of shooting/bombing situation – though I can handle my shit in other emergency type situations) “why are you screaming? You are totally going to draw attention to your self.” The logical part of me thinks “be quiet. they will aim indiscriminately in your direction if you are making noise.”

But then I wonder how I would react to someone shooting at me. I know how I reacted when someone was shooting at someone outside in my neighborhood. I stayed down and didn’t move. I didn’t scream or start flailing about (or run out into the street from the house to see what was going on like some silly people). Hell, I didn’t want to move or make a sound. And I don’t think I did until a few hours later. (The one shooting I went to as an emergency responder doesn’t count. As much as the “victim” wanted us to believe the shooter was on the loose, it was pretty obviously his lady who was the shooter – nearly taking off his junk.)

As far as the shoe things goes, I think I will be able to flee should I need to. I dropped flip flops (terrible shoes for trying to flee) a while ago (and wouldn’t you know, my shins and calves are not all tight any more). I ditched high heels years ago (I still keep a pair for special occasions but in a city where you walk everywhere, I usually end up in flats). I’ve even ditched rigid soled flats for the most part (you need to get some Merrill Barefoot’s. Need them – after the initial break in period which was hell).

My shoes these days are minimal, functional and I could escape almost silently (I’ve sneaked up on more than a few people while wearing moccasins). That’s not to say that some how my overall clumsiness wouldn’t give my position away. I’m just covered in the shoe department.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is always be prepared. If real life is anything like the movies, you may need to flee at any time. But try to do it silently and sans heels.

The Mini Figs Have Landed

I did not get around to making my videos this weekend illustrating the issues with M0rt1m3r.

I spent some time in my garden. I made real cupcakes for my husband. I made a spice cake for myself (with eggs and that was NOT the best idea).

I broke down and bought LED light bulbs for the kitchen ceiling fan (and of course, the hardware store had 2 standard and 2 candelabra bulbs on the same rack – Get home and only 2 will work for our fixture.   BLAH). I have to say even having just the 2 is great (though we have only had 1 of 4 bulbs working for lord knows how long).

Put up some shelves yesterday:

And organized our Lego Minifigs today:

I also organized the bookcase. We finally have books on most of our bookcase instead of stuffs. 
I totally had something I wanted to write about earlier but for the life of me can’t remember what it was. 
For now, enjoy the assortment of mini figs. Items to note:Gnome, Spongebob (x2), Sandy Cheeks, The Flying Dutchman, some robots, skeletons, and a hippie. 


I threw in some silver AND gold tonight.

I can’t say I’m thrilled with the time change though. I don’t like walking home in the dark. Or walking the dog in the dark when I get home. Point being, I like it when it’s light out. The early darkness makes me feel like I should be in bed.

Made the awesome Puerto Rican Pulled Pork recipe that I found in a Costco Magazine of all places (I totally put it in my llama recipe journal). Speaking of Costco, I picked up meat there last week and have been good to go all week!  Yay me. I made a pork roast last Saturday and another today. Did some meals with ground beef (burgers and sauteed veggies with an avocado are my quick go to meal on school nights).

I accidentally over cooked my cauliflower yesterday (it was pretty brown, not quite blackened though) and it was delicious!

I’m settling into a better routine when it comes to cooking and working and making art. While I didn’t keep doing a tangle EVERY day after the initial 36 days, I come home and work on SOMETHING just about every day. And I don’t beat myself up if I want to go to bed early or read a book.

So I finally heard back from Craftwell yesterday and the conclusion they came up with is “you have your pressure settings too high” so it’s your fault your paper is snagging. My pressure was set at 4. My paper was a very heavyweight card stock. I’ve tried going lower than 4 and it barely even presses in to the paper and does not cut. So it looks like I will be preparing more videos outlining the outcome of EVERY pressure setting, starting at 1.

It’s pretty weak when a company makes excuses for their product. The eCraft should be able to cut 40 circles on a single page. It should also have some sort of speed control, be it on the machine itself or a speed control in the software. Everything shouldn’t be blamed on the user. I have photos of paper snagging back when I first got it and it was doing it even when I was attempting to cut 5*7 rounded rectangles (I definitely would NOT call that a complex cut!).

Insert something witty here……

I decided to change things up a bit today and add some gold into the mix.

Had class tonight and missed out on company bowling night. Booo. And for what? So I could sit in a lecture about how to use the computer and do research at the library.

I guess sometimes I forget that people aren’t necessarily willing to “figure it out” themselves (I forget this at work as well). Apparently curiosity is not natural and most people need step by step instruction for everything. Personally, I would rather just be let go with something and figure it out. The way someone tells me how to do something may not be the most efficient way.

I guess my desire to “figure it out” helps me in the workplace as well. I have to look at photos of products that I have never touched and answer some insane questions some of the time. I also have to figure out how to explain assembly instructions over the phone for products I’ve never seen. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at it.

I’ve got to provide MMR vaccination records to SFSU. Really?! I can only assume I had the MMR vaccination in Placerville somewhere, so I will have to ask my mom.

I’m working on some ideas and will have some cool projects coming up. I’ll share them as I get them together.

Making things for fun….. and profit?

I’m continuing my Day of the Dead project. I have some great ideas and I am going to try a few new materials added into the mix.

One of which is wire. I’m using a Thing-a-Ma-JIG to do a bit of wire design. I really like the effect, but it is not going to work completely with the current layout (I only have copper wire on hand and it wasn’t really creating enough contrast to be visible.

But it allowed me to see how it would work and inspired me to try something different.

Up next PLA. We’ll see how that works out!

The paper stack I’m using for this project is ridiculously cute:

It’s 70% post consumer recycled material (which we here at LaserGnomes love) and features some cute animals (I’m not one for some of the super cutesy or way girly stuff that a lot of scrapbookers are using but I love a cute owl, bear or skunk). 
I’m also using cardboard scrap that I have laying about for these projects as well. I’m sure I have some great found objects I could add to the mix. 
My problem is finding a good source for shadowbox frames at the moment. I found some amazingly cute paper at Oriental Trading Post’s site, but no wholesale frames. The search continues. 
I still haven’t received a response from Craftwell regarding M0rt’s problems after sending video. I should run another test and use their preselected shapes from the SD card that came with it. I’ll try that this week and see if I have the same results. They’re always super responsive with canned answers but now that I challenged them with video, I haven’t heard a peep. 
We had dinner with Justin’s mom and Mark tonight at Lulu, which is fantastic. I think I really love the place because of their open flame rotisserie and pizza oven. It makes it so homey. And the food is delicious. Seriously. Had the prime rib and brussels sprouts. SO GOOD. 
My MIL gave me a book, I Just Like to Make Things by Lilla Rogers. 
It’s got some good advice about making things and making a profit as well as some good ideas for stimulating creativity and setting goals. 
When it comes down to it, is there anyone that doesn’t like to make things?  It doesn’t matter if it’s art, craft, food, etc., I think most people have the desire to “make” something, even if they don’t act on it.