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Everyone needs a day off.

I was all super ready to do a run down of Matter Control today. Well, life happens and it was a beautiful day at the beach with my family.

We go to Blind Beach as a family on Jan. 20th to remember my brother, Jesse, each year. It is a place filled with great family memories, I got married there and it’s the beach from the end of the Goonies.

Does the arch look familiar?!

It definitely does NOT feel like January. In the least. It was like 70 degrees and sunny with barely a breeze. You can’t even get that weather in July around here (we had overcast and cool weather for our June wedding).








I’ll be home in the morning (it’s about 12:30 a.m. and I’m at the Gnomery) so I will do the video walk through of MatterControl set up on Desky. I’ve got Screencast-O-Matic installed on Desky and makes recording video/audio a snap. It’s also a bit better than just posting some pictures of screen shots.

I have to say that I’ve done the set up, played around with it and Matter Control should be a breeze for novices. Considering we have only had one printer at home (well, there was a bit of time we had 2 printers at home) and it was being used for making $$$$, I never really got a chance to play around with some of the other controller software out there. I can tell you from watching Justin spend countless hours figuring it all out, none of them are as straight forward as Matter Control.

Matter Control introduced me to the Airwolf line of printers. While we exclusively use Type A Machines Series 1 printers, I’m slightly obsessed with the Airwolf printer. Really only because it has such a badass name. I’ve had the Airwolf theme song stuck in my head since I saw the printer.

I can’t attest to how Airwolf printers work (though if the makers want us to test head to head on a commercial level versus the Type A Machines, we’ll gladly test it for you!), and I know they currently come with a much larger diameter hot end (.5 is their standard with a .35 hot end available sometime in the spring), so it’s comparing apples to oranges.