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Back in July, while perusing (about the same time as my last post, yikes!), I found contact information for a woman named Christine Gould, who is trying to create a quilt for gastroparesis awareness. My brother, Jesse, lived with GP for about half of his life.  Christine also has GP.

I had sent her an email back in July, not certain if the quilt project was over with or if she was even still working on it.  I didn’t really think much of it after sending the email, as I didn’t get a response.  Christine finally responded in October, having been down and out for quite some time due to her illness.

She currently only has 11 quilt squares, but would love to have more so she can move forward with the project.

I know many of you had never met Jesse, have not met Christine, nor had met Kim (a friend of Jesse’s who passed away in 2010 and suffered from GP as well), but I think it would be awesome (and encouraging) if we could try to get as many quilt squares as possible together for Christine’s project.

Here are the guidelines provided by Christine:

I would like for each individual to create a 6×6 inch square. You can design it any way that you want. You can tie dye it, quilt it, stitch it, glue it, glitter it, paint it, etc! Have fun with it. Involve your loved ones. It will be fun to have input on what they would say describes you best! Just make sure it is a fabric that can be sewn to additional fabric on a quilt. I would leave maybe a 2 inch overhang to allow for adjustments to be made to include the entire decorated aspect. Complete your project and mail it to me!  One small important detail: Please put some sort of material or barrier such as wax paper or a plastic baggie between the layers and attempt to make the envelope weather resistant, so that it does not damage your square when you send it to me.  I live in Maine and the weather sometimes brings water to my mailbox.
If you are interested in putting together a square, let me know and I can provide you with Christine’s mailing address or collect them and send in one package.  
I have also added an event on facebook, which is a G-PACT Christmas card exchange.  G-PACT is a group dedicated to raising awareness for gastroparesis and other digestive disorders.  I know that Jesse was extremely isolated due to his illness for many years, and I used to organize co-workers to send cards at the holidays and his birthday to let him know that people were thinking of him, even if he didn’t really know it.  
It would be awesome if any of you will add a few of the members of the event to your Christmas card lists.  GP can be extremely isolating, especially at the holidays when much of our socializing tends to revolve around food and drink.  Even a small gesture, such as a card or short note, can make a huge difference in someone’s life.